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Suzuki Piano Classes

Join Jay Kolin for Summer Samplers beginning mid-August.

The Suzuki Piano Method, an approach to teaching music to young children, will be offered at the School of American Music in Three Oaks, Mich, this summer. Taught by Jay Kolin, a longtime Suzuki piano teacher at the Music Institute of Chicago, the six-week-long Summer Samplers of Suzuki are private lessons designed for students ages four to six. Kolin also is available to teach piano lessons that follow more traditional methods.

Suzuki piano teacher Jay KolinLessons begin mid-August and run weekly through September. One make-up lesson can be scheduled. Jay is also accepting traditional piano students.

“We are very happy to have Jay Kolin join the faculty at the School of American Music,” said Donna M. Mitchell, Executive Director of SAM. “Piano is the fastest growing area of study at SAM and it is our privilege to offer lessons by seasoned teaching professionals like Jay.”

Originally from the East Coast, Kolin moved to Africa as a volunteer for the Peace Corps, he stayed to serve as a participant in Harvard University’s WorldTeach Project in Kenya, and ended up as deputy head teacher at the Kisumu International School in Kenya. Kolin moved to Chicago in 2005.

Student of the Suzuki Method“I have taught Suzuki method since 1996,” said Kolin. “I greatly enjoy working with young children to develop their technical and listening skills at the piano.” The Suzuki Method is based on teaching young children to play music much like they learn to talk: by listening, mimicking and learning from interaction with others. Highly interactive, the Sampler series at SAM asks that parents of students read Nurture by Love by Shinichi Suzuki, and commit to practicing at home between lessons. All student materials will be provided.

The 30-minute Samplers will be taught one-on-one with parents in attendance at the Three Oaks Library, 3 N. Elm St., on the second floor.

The price is $120 for the six-week Sampler series, and scholarship assistance is available. To schedule, call SAM at 269/409-1191 or go to the School of American Music website. All existing Covid protocols will be observed during the lessons.

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