See what's happening at SAM

The School of American Music (SAM) will present its annual spring recital for students and instructors on Sunday, May 19, at its Arts & Education Center, 14 Maple St. in Three Oaks, Mich. The recital begins at 3pm EDT, and is free and open to the public.

The recital gives SAM students, both children and adults, live performance experience, in addition to the musical training they receive in the school’s studios. “If you want to be good at your instrument, learning how to perform is just as important as learning the notes,” SAM President Garth Taylor says. “People who attend the recitals are always impressed. It is the single best way to have for showing the excellence of what we do, and attracting more students and teachers.”

The School of American Music offers one-on-one instruction to more than 100 students annually with experienced teachers. Its curriculum includes guitar, violin, baritone ukulele, bass guitar, piano, mountain dulcimer, slide guitar and flute. The Arts & Education Center houses the Harbor Country Singers, a yoga program, group lessons, and periodic short-term musical and children’s workshops.

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