Our Performers

The School of American Music’s instructors, students and other program participants include a diverse and talented pool of performers, perfect for community events, sing-alongs, choral programs, private parties and public festivities.

Ken Ramsay with a digeridoo.

Among our performers:

Garth Taylor, solo guitar and guitar accompaniment

Student Performance Groups—blues, bluegrass, pop—guitar, harmonica, violin, bass

Ron Spears, solo guitar and guitar accompaniment

Dalton Stanage, vocalist

Martha Cares, vocalist

Harbor Country Singers, concerts and choral programs

Harbor Country Singers soloists and small groups—sing-alongs, pop and folk tunes

Cost and availability vary, depending on the number of performers, equipment requirements, length of show, travel times and so on. For information, and to schedule a performance, contact Garth Taylor.


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