About Harbor Country Singers

If you used to participate in glee clubs and choirs and miss making music with others, if you currently are in a church choir or other choral group and can’t get enough of it, or if you just like to sing, consider joining the Harbor Country Singers.

Formed in 2016 and directed by Cindy Dryden, the Harbor Country Singers is an independent community chorus that rehearses and performs Christmas music for seasonal concerts and patriotic and traditional songs for performances in connection with community events. Individual members and smaller ensembles formed by Singers members perform at hootenannies and lead sing-alongs throughout the year.

The Singers has performed at area churches and libraries; the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, Mich.; the Chikaming Township Hall, and at the School of American Music’s own stage at the Three Oaks Arts & Education Center.

Cindy DrydenThe Singers welcomes anyone who likes to sing with a group and is willing to attend rehearsals. You need not be able to read music to join. For rehearsal and performance schedules or contact Cindy by email or check out the HCS Facebook page.. The Harbor Country Singers rehearses at the Arts & Education Center, 14 Elm St., Three Oaks, Mich.


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