Private Lessons

Private lessons are one on one lessons for children and adults on the 2nd floor of the Three Oaks Library.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are offered at the Arts and Education Center and begin on specific dates.

Private Lessons


The School of American Music offers private, one-on-one lessons at its studios on the second floor of the Three Oaks Library. The lessons are taught by highly qualified instructors who are also performing musicians. SAM’s teaching philosophy places heavy emphasis on performance with twice-yearly recitals and other performance opportunities.

Lessons are available for children and adults at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of proficiency, and musical styles taught include contemporary, classical, jazz, blues, gospel. bluegrass, and rock-n-roll.

Private lessons for beginners include 10, 30-minute sessions for $220 or 5, 30-minute lessons for $110. Lessons for intermediate and advanced students cost $260 for 10, 50-minute sessions or $130 for 5, 45-50 minute lessons.


Guitar (Garth Taylor, Ron Spears)

Slide Guitar (Garth Taylor)

Bass Guitar (Garth Taylor, Evan Margol)

Ukulele (Garth Taylor, Priscilla Hellenga)

Mountain Dulcimer (Garth Taylor)

Piano (Aglaja Petrova, Denise Vanden Bussche)

Violin (Beth Oeseburg)

Voice (Donna Mitchell, Laura Darby)

Flute (Julie Littell)

Clarinet/Saxophone (Jill Measel)

Group Lessons

Group lessons are taught at the Arts and Education Center, and include:

  • The Art of Recording—Only Ears (Evan Margol). This course is designed for middle- and high-school students, with a maximum of four students and a minimum of two. The class includes 100-minute sessions over 10 weeks, and costs $300.
  • Rock Ensemble I (Evan Margol). For middle- and high-school students, this course has 3 to 5 students and includes 10 weeks of 100-minute sessions. Cost is $260.
  • Ensemble Performance (Garth Taylor). For 3 to 5 middle- and high-school students, this course includes 12 weeks of 90-minute sessions and costs $260.
  • Learn to Read Music – (Priscilla Hellenga). Basic course for individuals or groups to learn the mechanics of reading music. For 12 weeks, 30 minute lessons: $220

Group lessons begin on an assigned date. See the Calendar for dates when group lessons begin.



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