About the Arts & Education Center

The School of American Music’s Arts & Education Center, 14 Maple St. in Three Oaks, was acquired in 2015 to serve as a space for group programs, rehearsals and studio recording. The A&E Center, once the town’s village hall, is used as a rehearsal space by the Harbor Country Singers and SAM Music Ensembles; a venue for other classes, such as weekly yoga sessions, periodic musical and other workshops, and a state-of-the-art Recording Studio.

The A&E Center is also home to SAM’s childrens programs, including its World Drumming class and its Music and Storytelling program for preschoolers.

The Spring Creek Stage, SAM’s new outdoor venue attached to the rear of the A&E Center and facing Dewey Canon Park, is a performance site for student recitals, talent shows, SAM-affiliated musical groups, and a center for community events. Complete sound systems are available for either indoor or outdoor use.

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The A&E Center is available for rent to individuals and groups for educational programs, workshops, meetings and private events. Click the button below to learn about rates and to fill out a rental form.


Recording Studio

The recording studio was conceived by SAM founder Garth Taylor and board member Evan Margol in the winter of 2015, and built in the spring and summer of that year. The studio features multiple rooms interfaced via a custom-built audio cable run from the large live room into the main control room. Both the large live room and the main control room are treated with 4’x2’x4” acoustical bass trap panels from the respected sound treatment company Real Traps to control reverb, echo and frequency response patterns.

Very Flexible

Our facility is great for recording anything from a 40-person choir to rock bands to solo singer-songwriters. We offer up to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording, with up to four individual monitor mixes for the musicians to monitor each other and their instruments however they need.

Affordable Rates

Studio rates are $20 an hour plus an additional fee for an A&E certified recording engineer. Other gear and services are available on request—for example, tube and solid-state mic pre-amps, tube guitar amplifiers, condenser/ribbon microphones, acoustic and electric guitars, effects, eqs and dynamic processors.

Past recording projects include local artist Chris Kang, the Three Oaks History Project, the Harbor Country Singers and many area singers/songwriters looking to record their demos.



The Recording Studio is available for rent to individuals and groups. Click the button below to learn about rates and to fill out a rental form.

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