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Duo Sequenza will charm you in a Free Family Concert presented by the School of American Music

Duo Sequenza, a Valparaiso, Ind.-based classical flute and guitar chamber music ensemble, brings its irresistible style to Harbor Country on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022, for a School of American Music Free Family Concert.

The program, “Romantic Music for Flute & Classical Guitar,” will showcase this rare combination of instruments and the masters who play them, flutist Debra Silvert and classical guitarist Paul Bowman. The concert will begin at 2 p.m. ET at Converge Community Church, 601 W. Buffalo St., in New Buffalo, Mich. Tickets are free but must be reserved online or by calling SAM at 269/409-1191. Donations are welcome.

“Duo Sequenza specializes in chamber music works by living American composers, many of which were written specifically for them,” said Phil Bauman, Program Director for the School of American Music. “It’s contemporary music, but not avant-garde, just fresh and unique.”

The concert of Romantic serenades will include works by Pujol, Hand, Holliday, Muniz, Piazzolla, and Ibert. Franz Schubert’s beloved masterpiece, Sonata Arpeggione, will be featured.

“Classical music suffers from an image of being elitist, stuffy, and boring when it’s really anything but!” said Silvert. “We are so excited to be presenting ‘Romantic Music for Flute & Classical Guitar,’ which offers something special for every listener. And our music is sensory-friendly as well!”

Duo Sequenza released its first album, “Yes…It’s a Thing!” on Navona Records in 2019. Referring to the unusual combination of flute and classical guitar, the title is reprised on the duo’s second album, “Yes…It’s Still a Thing!” to be released on Navona later in 2022. Both collections explore the breadth of music that, “is NOT string quartets, piano trios, or even woodwind quintets,” said Silvert. “We play some of the finest of today’s classical repertoire for flute and guitar.” Silvert is also known for being one of the few musicians to own a Laurent Crystal Flute, a glass instrument so rare that barely more than 150 of them exist.

So that all are safe while attending “Romantic Music for Flute & Classical Guitar,” social distancing will be observed, and masks will be required throughout the concert.

The next event, “Songs for the Soul” is March 20, at 3pm featuring tenor and SAM teacher Matthew Daniel and accompanist Sharon Burke with a guest appearance by Nic Orbovich.

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